White Fillings
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White Fillings

We’ve come a long way in the field of general dentistry, with scientific advances being made every day in the treatment of a wide range of dental conditions. At our professional dental clinic in Westborough we are pleased to offer the latest techniques utilizing state of the art dental procedures. When it comes to the treatments available for cavities, we are quite glad to provide you with choices other than the traditional silver colored amalgam dental fillings.

Some patients who have come to our family dental office in Westborough were concerned that silver tooth fillings would be too obvious. Although silver filling material has been used to fill cavities for more than a century and is still currently in use, today we can offer a different choice for repairing cavities: white fillings.

No longer must you flash the metal in your mouth every time you laugh out loud!

With contemporary dentistry products such as composite resins and true dental porcelain, tooth fillings can now blend perfectly in color with the rest of your natural teeth!

All Dental is the foremost dental practice in the Westborough community, with a commitment to providing the highest level of professional dental care in all areas of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. It is that commitment to outstanding dentistry that has led us to continually improve the methods and procedures involved in your oral health care.

We are pleased to offer our patients this contemporary solution to aesthetic concerns over the old silver dental fillings.

White Fillings

The most common way of discovering cavities is by scheduling your regular dental checkup with your family dentist in Westborough. Our patients’ oral health is always our first concern, and taking care of cavities is something that you definitely want done properly and professionally. You can discuss with your dentist the best choice for your tooth filling material, and find out everything you need to know about the various types that are used in our practice. It’s always good to know about your options, and it’s nice to know that modern dentistry now lets us restore cavities in teeth with white fillings.

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