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First Experience at All Dental. Take an appointment time on a Saturday with one day's notice. Couple that with minimal wait time, lovely receptionists and a caring attitude. Add an honest assessment, a crown procedure with no pain, fuss or constant chatter among the professionals working on me. It added up to a wonderful experience. Although it can be difficult to change dentists I need flexibility because of my job. The expertise, fair pricing and skill at All Dental added up to a win win situation. All Dental is my new practice. Thanks for such a great experience, I've always had a fear of dentists, no more! Linda Stockhaus
Excellent experience so far! I just had my initial appointment with All Dental in Westboro and it was amazingly comfortable. They let me know everything that needs to be done and an estimate of how much it will cost. I scheduled most of the work needed for one day, I will be medicated and the work will be completed in 4 hours, one day, one recovery process. This has extrememly helped my dental phobia! Highly recommended. Rhonda Bohnet
Broken toothþ Had a broken tooth on Sunday. Called first thing on tuesday when they opened and got an appt the same day. The were able to get me right in and take care of my problem right away. Dr Lender and his nurse were very good as usual and everything went well. Have a follow up in a few weeks and am very pleased with the outcome. Excellent experience. Nancy Simone
I was so grateful to all of the staff at All Dental. Everyone was so caring and professional, I felt that I always feel that I getting the best care and the easiest assistance with my insurance. Deborah Cote
All Dental lives up to its name. In one visit I have all services available to me, in addition to new technology-- X-rays, cancer scan, high-tech cleaning, a quick consult with the periodontist,lots of laughter with a great team, and a box of dental supplies to support our troops. And if that's not enough they are providing discounts to Fallon patients, who suddenly lost their dental coverage. What's not to love! Professional and personable. They have raised the bar on dental care! Debbie Depp
Great experience!,I arrived early for my appointment and was lucky to be taken in early as well. The hygienist did an excellent job and was very friendly as well. Erin Underhill
Wisdom tooth extraction. Had tough time in extraction. eventually turned out to surgery. Terrible pain. 2 days still have pain. Trinath Polisetty
Great cleaning as usual! Very thorough cleaning as I have come to expect. Steve Davis
Friendly Service. The people at All Dental in Westboro are always friendly and efficient. I am really terrified of going to the dentist but I now look forward to these visits because I know they will take good care of me. Laurie Pendleton
I love All Dental, its a welcoming office, evveryone friendly and smiling. Great cleaning by Marina ! Caitlin Morris
Cleaning and Capped Repair of Broken Tooth. Dental work has involved deep cleaning, follow-up cleaning and the first step in repairing a broken tooth (temporary cap now in place). Staff, hygenist and dentists have always been very attentive and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend All Dental to anyone seeking dental care. Carlos Davis
Regular cleaning. It was great and painless Chandra Rajagopal
Dental Cleaning,He is the best at his job I have ever seen. Volkan Cetin
All Dental, Had gum surgery today & the oral surgeon was so kind. He was also very quick, which was a relief for me. The assistant was also very sweet. We also had an estimate for daughters procedures from another place that was considerably higher priced than Alldental. I also like the dentists & hygenists. My husband is going to have invisalign & they showed him his teeth now on the computer & what they will look like. The dentist was so nice & funny too! Very pleased with Alldental all around. Tammy Allen
Cleaning visit. It was excellent!Thank you, Slava Galina Katsman
Great experience for my cleaning at all dental, cleans my teeth every 6 months and I specifically ask for him. He does a thorough job and is very gentle. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a competent, professional and at ease hygenist. My cleanings with him have always been a positive experience. Elizabeth Porter
Dr. Lender,I came in to have 3 very old silver fillings replaced. Dr. Lender did a beautiful job controling the pain and keeping me comfortable while he rebuilt the teeth. Dr. Lender is the best!! Susan Boutiette
I'm sorry for not knowing the name of the woman who has cleaned my teeth for many years but she is TOTALLY delightful...professional, informative, etc. She is an asset to your staff. Honestly, I've always had a great experience no matter whether a cleaning, filling, crown, etc. Catherine Murray
Cleaning only. Suggest you not push the xray unless there is specific reason to warrant same. I understand profit centers etc... Roger Salmonson
Very good. This was my first time her and I was pleased with my cleaning. Thanks you. Robin Houde
My crown,My experience was very positive. The staff and Dr. Lender are excellent. Thank you!!! Jeffrey Corbett
Teeth cleaning. My visit was good, quick and I felt that the hygienist was very thorough and courteous. Jeanne Henry
Excellent service. As always,I had my teeth cleaned the other day at All Dental (I go every three months) and I was greeted warmly and treated with amazing care. I highly recommend All Dental and bring my entire family there for our dental care. Tracy Quinn
Great!,Always friendly and great cleaning! Andrew Abu
My Favorite Dentist. I hate the dentist but have learned to tolerate going because I know they will take good care of me and my teeth. Laurie Pendleton
Excellent service. Evening appointment was very convenient. I was taken right in without any waiting. Hygenist was efficient and friendly. Judith Sarkis
Root canal rework. Very pleasant experience, considering all the work that needed to be done. David Bohnet
Slava provided her usual excellent service. Despite a little residual swelling from another procedure combined with a cold, she mostly avoided any pain in my mouth. Charles Cole
Always happy with my visits,I recommend All Dental for all you dental needs. Doctors are very knowlegeable and very experienced and know all the latest techniques. I have had osseous surgery and bone graft placememnt and experienced no pain--kind of hard to believe--but no pain at all. I'm glad I found this dentist and extremely satisfied with the work that he has done. Alison Onofrio
Cleaning. Always does a thorough job of cleaning and checking my teeth. I won't have anyone else do my cleaning! Steve Davis
Wisdom teeth. Dr. Urban is an excellent oral surgeon and did everything he could to make sure I experienced minimal pain during the procedure. Thank you for being so patient and kind! Ashley Levitan
Pulled tooth and crown. I was as always certainly satisfied with the work that was done. I was treated beautifully when I came in and treated just as well by the doctors and assistants. Richard Hutner
Implants - i was surprised I had very little pain and swelling and no bleeding after the implants. Dr. Urban is a pro! thank-you. Sandy Bariteau
Dr. Mazo. Excellent team work, flawless and knowledgeable. Natalia Maklakov
Excellent Fast Service. All Dental can take care of all your dental needs. The staff is friendly and courteous and there is never a wait. Lisa Gast-Corbett
Marina was friendly and competent and caring as usual. Excellent, that's why I reccomend and come back Joseph Moro
You are all great! I am always happy with the service and the professionalism you display. The receptionists are such happy people. However, to be fair you also need a young cute man in reception. We don't want to discriminate. Jacqueline Cotter
Absolutely Amazing Service. Not only was my appointment easy to set up, they were able to help me figure out my dental insurance coverage as well. The appointment started on time with no excessive waiting periods. The waiting area is cozy and clean with a few toys to keeps the little ones entertained. Upon leaving, the woman behind the counter was kind enough to give my daughter (who was just waiting with my husband in the waiting room during my appointment) a little toy to take home with her. As small a gesture as that is in reality, it made a huge impact on my daughter, who now refuses to go to bed without her little 'reindeer'. Thank you All Dental. Your service is amazing!!! Tarryn Schoonraad
Excellent appointment. As always. I had my teeth cleaned recently at All Dental, and it was an excellent appointment. I have come to expect extraordinary care and service at All Dental. I have my teeth cleaned every three months, so I am there quite frequently, and I always receive amazing care and friendly service. I couldn't recommend All Dental more highly Tracy Quinn-McLennan
Cleaning,Everyone is always so friendly and you take great care of my smile! And you put lots of smiles on the faces of our troops with your generous donation of dental supplies for which I am so thankful! Debbie Depp
I have been going to All Dental for 8 years (or so). The staff has always been nice. The hygenists are always pleasant. Slava is such a nice person - she really makes cleanings not such a bad thing! Dr. Lender is great as well. I highly recommend this group. Sunshine Limanni
Everything was explained to me before the procedure was done. The doctor changed his scheduled to come in early as mine was an emergency situation and a follow up call by the dentist himself was made in the evening to see how I was doing after the procedure. Excellent care and wonderful costumer service by the Westborough All Dental Marie Ambrosino
Ferris is great . Always pleasant , always makes you feel comfortable .teeth feel great when clened. Actual everyone is always pleasant & helpful. Gail Gail Welik
Scaredy cat to calm Kitty. Thanks to Dr. Urban I am not petrified when I go into the exam room. Dr. Urban always makes me feel comfortable. The office staff (sorry ladies, I forget your names) never forget who I am and they are there with kind and sometimes funny things to say that help keep my mind off my fears. Thanks everyone for helping me feel better about the one place that scares me to death. Holly Holly Tabor
Cleaning. Manual cleaning was very thorough. Victoria Prochilo
Highly recommended! I'm very happy with Dr Mazo as my dentist. Pain free, professional visits. The staff, receptionists, assistants and my hygienist Ferris are all great. I would highly recommend this office! Garrett Belpedio
Cleaning. Great experience, curtious professional staff. Clean modern facility. Been going for cleaning for several years. Mark Zuffante
Teeth cleaning - Thank you so much to Firas. He noticed an acute problem that I addresed asap. If it was not for this visit, a seriouse infection could have been missed. Great attention to details. A true professional. Anna Simanowski
Dental hygiene and xrays - My mother had her dental cleaning and check on this past Wed- they were very accomodating since we were a little late but overall it was a good experience for her. It is always a little stressful for her to go through even the cleaning these days since she is 96 and becomes tired after any procedure. We will return next week to speak about caps which she was told were needed due to old silver fillings that are loosening. Thank you.Sally Pini (Jeanne Henry's daughter). Jeanne Henry
CLEANING, X-RAYS, CONSULTATION - Really Excellent. My teeth look and feel great. I think the Staff at All Dental are Top Notch! I am interested in the Brite Smile Whitening, so is my wife. Cheers, Tim. Timothy Bradshaw
Cleaning - Everything was good and done the way I asked. Richard Vernon
Waited a long time for appointment. I normally give high marks for All Dental, but I brought my son for a filling this past weekend, and we waited over an hour for our appointment. No one informed us why the dentist was running behind--perhaps there was an emergency in the morning?--which would have been greatly appreciated. McLennan
Excellent care at All Dental. I have quarterly cleanings at All Dental and I always look forward to them. Excellent care, friendly and helpful front desk staff--my favorite dentist so far Tracy Quinn-McLennan
Cleaning Yesterday - Having my teeth cleaned by Marina is as close to enjoyable as one can get for an often dreaded process! She's great -- knowledgeable and wastes no time in accomplishing the task efficiently and pleasantly. Carol Isvak
Thank you!,Thank you Slava and Dr.Lender! You were very attentive to us. Galina Katsman
Marina Mazo review,Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Love my hygenist!!!!!!! Strongly recomend to anyone!!! Natalia Kocherovsky
Cleaning and scaling - Everyone is pleasant. My hygenist is very knowledgeable and did a great job Valerie Fournier
Hygienist appointment - Not that I enjoy having my teeth cleaned, but I really appreciate Firas'easy manner and relaxed demeanor. He has a warm personality and a gentle touch. I'm not crazy about the new high-pressure water-jet cleaning process, and he does an excellent job old-school with the basic tools of the trade. It's a much less painful experience for me, and that counts for a lot in my book! Paul Thomas
General Dentistry - Always recieve prompt, professional service. Paul Wiest
Removal of wisdom teeth - Went smoothly, treated kindly and thoughtfully. Compared to other peoples stories mine went very well Valerie Fournier
Goodbye wisdom teeth,All went great again.... Thanks All Dental Justine Murphy
Wisdom removal - I was a bit worried about getting my wisdom teeth removed, but All Dental and Dr.Urban helped settle my worries! Quick & painless, compassionate and gentle! Its been a few days now and I hardly notice at all! Thank you so much Caitlin Morris
Quarterly Cleaning - My first routine visit after having had extensive make-up work after being absent from dental care for over five years. Marina is always friendly, yet very focused and thorough in her exam and processing. I have enjoyed the team at All Dental and their efforts in bringing me back into prepare care. John Higgison
Root canal - Dr. Kim and staff were awesome......she said 1hr 15-30 mins and was right on even with a minor hurdle Have dr. L on Monday and the referral to dr.ollerhead for extensive work went smoothly John Totino
I am always satisfied with the work and cordiallity of the people who work there.,I would recommend All Dental to everyone who wants special attention and courteous people at the front desk. I have been here for many years and I feel I am a partner in All Dental. Richard Hutner
Prompt service - As I was doing my nightly flossing, I was horrified to find I had pulled out a filling between my two lower front teeth - very unsightly! I called the next morning and although my regular dentist wasn't there, his partner took me in at noon that same day and in less than 45 min. I was good as new! Marci Nelson
Dental insurance - My experiebce was better than avaerage but I have used my dental insurance allotment for 2012 for a previous root canal, post and crown so the cost to repair this tooth is outrageous. I can not believe the cost to maintain a healthy month. Marie Ambrosino
Wait time,wait was long and when I arrived no receptionist was at the desk. I had to wait for at least 10 min to be acknowledged. When the receptionist came I said I thought you guys were close since there were no one to greet and she didn't say anything but said to wait. She knew my name which I appreciated. The dentist who cleaned my teeth was very professional and friendly. Monika Sharma
Wisdom Teeth extraction - Dr. Urban was great. He clearly explained all the options and was very professional and efficient during the procedure. I didn't have much pain or swelling and am very happy with the results. Benjamin Sarkis
Dr. Lender is Fabulous! As always, Dr. Lender was fabulous. My 9 year old daughter was completely at ease while he fixed her cavity. When he was done, he gently spoke to her about how important it is to brush and floss daily. She left with a huge healthy smile! Natalie Boutiette
Extraction and Impressions, Dr Urban excellent (even if I need Bob as an interpreter. My impression experience this time was much less stressfull than my former experience a couple years ago. Dr.Urban - no swelling or bruising! Marion True
Services are good, but interior needs cleaning
Hate my teeth. Like my dentist. Don't feel like summarizing, see survey
Got in quick, was treated well and paid a fair price.
Hygenist helpful and just fine, techs OK BUT Dentist argumentative and laughing at my needs ands wants.He was not understanding bordering on rude and indifferent. He wants to do what he wants to do.
Great care and friendly service,The hygienist and dentists are very friendly and honest.
High quality dental care. Everyone at the office was friendly, even the DOC's. That's rare in this crazed world we live in. The level of dental care was top notch, answering any/all questions I had regarding my oral care. i can't wait to pass the word to everyone I know that they shey should
Best Dental Appointment Ever!. This was my first appointment at All Dental. I required a lot of work due to years of neglect to my teeth. I decided to go with sedation dentistry so I could have all my work done in one visit. The staff made me feel so comfortable and were quite attentive to my needs. I am very pleased with my experience and look forward to going back for regular appointments. Anyone who is afraid of going to the dentist should try All Dental. They will truly change your perception of dental visits.
Teeth cleaning - The staff is very professional, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly too.
Staff works in a very friendly and professional manner.
Thorough cleaning and explanation of what is going on. The office needs to be CLEANED!!
Wisdom Tooth Removal. All dental takes good care of my teeth. They are very friendly and helpful.
Convenient hours, friendly staff. A little judgmental about whether you floss or not...
Went in a the exact appt time and had a lovely young lady clean my teeth, make good suggestions. A pleasant experience.
Cleaning. Quality professional Care. Great service
Modern facility. I found the office very spacious, modern in setting and clean throughout. They were equipped in the offices with state of the art
Dental Surgery. I had tooth pain for over 8 weeks now after the surgery I'm pain free. Thank you!
It was Awesome!! I am one of the most terrified patients you would ever meet when it comes to going to the Dentist. All Dental changed that experience for me. My Dentist walked me through everything that was going to be done, prior to beginning the procedure the Dr. took his time and didn't rush with what he was doing. He even gave me a pillow, as I was feeling a little dizzy at first. I give the Higest Mark for All Dental!!
Outstanding dental facility. One of the best dental facilities that I have been to. All the staff there are warm, friendly and knowledgeable.
Good first experience. I'll have a better overall impression after some of the followup appointments I've scheduled. So far so good!
Cleaning. The hygenist was kind and gentle when cleaning my teeth, Chris
Cleaning. Been coming here for over ten years. Great service
Teeth Cleaning. Slava was great. Best Cleaning ever
Dental cleaning. Good service and convenient hours and short waiting period
Although I am sure your services are adequate, I was not very happy with my overall visit. I felt like I was being pushed into services I am not able to afford. Despite my comments on how I am out of work at the moment, I kept getting the word financing pushed on me. That is not an option. Unlike other people in this world, I do not finance what I cannot afford. I also was told more than once that the doctor would be in in five minutes. After waiting over a half an hour, I learned the doctor was not even there yet. My time is as valuable as anyone else's, and I did not appreciate wasting my time for no reason. I may not be working, but am involved in several other things which take a great deal of my time.
We were happy with the visit overall, but were kept waiting to see Dr. Mazo when we should have just been asked if we wanted to reschedule.
Cleaning,Schedule reminders are good and the wait was short. Hygienist was friendly but professional.
3 fillings,I am very happy with the services provided by your office. You have a great team working there.
Very personal and positive experience.,I found my experience to be both positive and informative.
Teeth Cleaning. Always fast and pleasant. No unnecessary long waiting times.
Excellent, very efficent and professional. I especially appreciated the preparedness of the professionals they moved from one piece of treatment to the next efficiently. All the while explaining what they were doing. The reception, business staff are very Kind and helpful.
Tooth Extraction. I had an extraction done by Dr. Urban. my experience was wonderful. he made me feel very calm and explained everything i would definitly recomend all dental!
Nice visit. The appointment started a little late, but it was in the evening, so I kind of expect a bit of a delay late in the day. Slava (my hygentist) is very friendly and efficient. I enjoy my visit thanks to her!
Crown replace,was done quickly and professionally
Dental Cleaning. Great people in a clean environment, and excellent service.
No Cavities! I like All Dental and their staff.
Teeth cleaning. Dr. Lender will always greet you when he sees you and the receptionist always greets you and lets you know someone will be with you soon. The hygenist talks to you and lets you know after the cleaning if their is anything that has to be done and she makes an appointment if you need one.
Exactly what we needed when we needed it. Handled a nervous, terrified of pain, 11 year old with finesse. An inability to do this caused me to leave another practice despite its being recommended by our pediatrician. They respected my son's wishes and completed an extraction quickly and in a way that hasn't left him terrified of coming back. Thank you.
Good visit. Everyone there was friendly, and the appointment was quick and efficient.
Very prompt and friendly, excellent service procedures explained clearly along with follow up required
Excellent! My root canal was a lot better than I had anticipated hearing others talk about the experience
Great experience. As usual I received an excellent service from All Dental. Very friendly staff and professional doctors, who really care for you. Thank you for everything.
Cleaning and x-ray. All Dental has always provided professional service with a friendly and cheerful attitude
Filling. The staff at All Dental are very friendly and kind
I had my teeth cleaned. Everything went fine.
Cleaning/Fillings. For someone with huge and sometimes overwhelming dental anxiety, I have been nothing short of thrilled with my 2 experiences so far. Everyone is so nice and make you feel very welcome. Even getting fillings was less stressful at All Dental. I thank the staff so very much
Dental cleaning. All Dental is always professional and efficient.
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