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DOCS Education-trained Dr. Andrey Mazo and Dr. Julian Lender have made adult oral sedation dentistry treatment available at (his/her) office to help treat the estimated 30% of the population who avoids dental care due to fear. Many of these people can be safely and effectively treated with the assistance of oral sedatives. Patients who were once anxious and fearful - and put off having their dental work completed - can receive their dental care while they are totally relaxed and comfortable.

Oral sedation dentistry can help reduce the mounting economic costs and repercussions of untreated dental disease. It enables patients to overcome their dental fear and allows them to receive care in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. Additionally, oral sedation enables Dr. Andrey Mazo and Dr. Julian Lender to perform more dentistry in a single visit, meaning that (his/her) patients don't have to return as many times to complete their treatment, saving both time and money!

Do you completely dread going to the dentist?

Do fear and anxiety often stop you from attending your routine dental check-ups?

Sedation Dentistry – Westborough Dental Clinic

Is your dental health deteriorating because of your fear of going to the dentist's office? If so you can come to All Dental Westborough, a high quality dental center that is sure to ease all of your fears and anxieties.

Children and adults alike are often not too fond of visiting the dentist because of past memories that bring back a time of pain and physical discomfort. Because of this many patients will avoid going to the dentist simply because they do not want to experience pain caused by the dentist. Though this is a common reason to fight with anxiety and fear, patients often times don't realize that by not going to the dentist they are putting their dental health in jeopardy. Poor dental health can lead to so many other bodily conditions so it's important to have proper upkeep of your teeth and gums.

For those patients who are extremely fearful of coming to the dentist we now offer a service called Monitored Anesthesia Care or MAC for short. MAC is used as a type of sedation that will completely calm you and send you into a natural and complete tranquil state of mind. This means that once administered you will not have any remembrance of the dental procedure at hand.

Instead you will wake up calm and free of anxiety!

If you're worried about the safety of MAC rest assured that this type of sedation is always given by a board-certified anesthesiologist. He/she will be present during the entirety of your procedure to ensure that you are relaxed and stable throughout. This way the dentist can focus all of his attention on properly completing the procedure.

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Additional treatment and fees may be required. If other treatment is required, your cleaning (prophylaxis) may be scheduled for a future date and/or may be applied to a service of equal or greater value. May not be used more than once and cannot be combined with other offers or discounted fees. May not be valid on emergency visits. Requires payment at first visit. No cash value.

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