5 Common Myths About Tooth Cavities

Oral Health and Oral Hygiene

5 Common Myths About Tooth Cavities

Cavities are a problem that plagues millions of adults and children across the world. Understanding why they occur and how to prevent them is the key to maintaining healthy teeth and overall oral health. There are a couple of myths floating around about tooth cavities, which can be misleading when it comes to oral care. For the best results, you should visit your local dental office in Westborough to determine the best at-home regimen for your situation. 

Eating Less Sugar Can Prevent Cavities

Although it’s true that sugar can lead to cavities, it’s not the primary cause. Simply staying away from sugar doesn’t mean that you’re safe from tooth decay. Also, ridding candy and chocolate from your diet isn’t going to do the trick, especially since many other everyday foods contain sugars, even healthy ones like fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates are another candidate that can lead to cavities. Carbs like rice, potatoes and bread can also develop tooth decay. This is why it’s recommended by Westborough dentists to brush and floss after you eat. 

Kids Are More Prone to Cavities than Adults

While in the past we’ve seen a lot of kids developing cavities, it doesn’t remain true today that kids are more prone to having tooth decay than adults. Thanks to advances in the dental field, the use of sealants, preventive care and fluoride water have helped to cut back childhood cavities by nearly 50% in the last two decades. There has however been an increase in tooth decay in senior citizens. Some professionals speculate that this could be due to certain medications that can create dry mouth symptoms. Saliva is very important for neutralizing acids and washing away food and bacteria that sticks to your teeth.

Placing Aspirin Near Aching Teeth Helps Pain

Tooth aches can be a real pain and a lot of people are spreading the myth that placing aspirin pills next to throbbing teeth will alleviate the pain. Because aspirin is acidic, it can burn the gum tissue and lead to the formation of abscesses. 

Fillings Have to be Replaced Eventually

Composite fillings or amalgam fillings only have to be replaced when they deteriorate, the tooth breaks or cavities form around it. If nothing of these things happen, then the filling can remain in your tooth for a lifetime. 

Drinking Fluoride Water Will Prevent Cavities

Drinking fluoride water has helped to decrease caries in Americans by nearly 50% over the past ten years, but this isn’t a cure all. It’s important to include other oral health remedies like brushing and flossing three times daily, not sipping on sugary drinks throughout the day and going to a Westborough dental office regularly. 

No one wants to deal with the onset of tooth decay and cavities. However, if you’re looking to prevent them, you will need to first educate yourself. Make sure to visit your local Westborough dentist to see how he or she can help keep your teeth healthy. 


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