What are the Appliances used for Orthodontics in Westborough, MA?

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What are the Appliances used for Orthodontics in Westborough, MA?

Orthodontics include the use of fixed and removable tools at the dental clinic to help change the alignment, bite and other issues involving the straightness.

What are the different tools used in the dental office?


A bionator is an appliance that helps to fix someone’s overbite by helping the lower jaw grow. This device is removable and plays a profound role in fixing a bad bite.

Bite Splint

A bite splint is a retractable mouthpiece for the lower part of the mouth, focused on mitigating the crossbite of a patient. This can be worn by those who have braces on their upper teeth, and helps patients stop biting down in full which fixes their crossbite.


The most well-known orthodontic tool is dental braces. They are most commonly metal, lingual or ceramic, which makes them almost clear. Braces are the tool that are the most important to shift and straighten teeth into position.

Clear Aligners

Similarly to braces, these aligners help to straighten and shift teeth into position, but are removable and clear.


This appliance helps to make the upper, front arch of the mouth wider in order to correct someone’s bite.

Fixed Lingual Retainer.

A fixed lingual retainer is a wire made of metal that is put on the front, lower, and top teeth after a patient has finished their care with braces. The retainer is used for about two years in order to keep the teeth from shifting back to their original. There are some who never have to wear a such a retainer.


A headgear is an appliance that helps to fix acute distinctions in the bite of the lower and upper teeth.

Rubber Bands

Bands add pressure to teeth in order to speed the process of shifting and straightening teeth. The bands are connected to the braces, are removable, and should be changed daily.


Separators are rings used by our orthodontist in Westborough and are typically made of metal or rubber that are put between certain teeth. Usually, these are used seven to eight days before the orthodontic process begins to help create distance between teeth.

Utility Arch

A lower or upper utility arch is commonly used during orthodontic treatment in Westborough put onto the teeth of a patient to help assist the creation of space in the patient’s mouth, or to help fix an overbite. The appliance is connected from the front teeth to the molars.

To learn more about all the tools used to straighten teeth, reach out to us today!

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