Surgery in Your Local Dental Clinic

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Surgery in Your Local Dental Clinic

Some people are surprised to find out that dentists often conduct different types of oral surgeries at the local dental office. These surgeries serve a variety of purposes regarding dental health and are an affordable option when the long term is considered.  

The removal of impacted teeth.

The last set of teeth to emerge are the third molars or wisdom teeth. Often times there is not enough room in the jaw to support the teeth. This causes the teeth to become impacted or trapped between the gum tissue and the jaw bone. This condition can cause pain, swelling and infection. If not treated impacted wisdom teeth can cause permanent damage and can eventually destroy the jaw. Your local Westborough dentist recommends that people with impacted teeth have them surgically removed. It’s not as common but teeth other than wisdom teeth can also become impacted. 


Corrective jaw surgeries are conducted for many reasons related to the jaw. Accidents resulting in major or minor trauma, jaw position, teeth grinding, teeth clenching, incorrect bite, temporomandibular (TMJ) joint issues, or difficulties with eating, chewing or talking. Surgery to the jaw is sometimes referred to as orthognathic surgery. 


Dental implants are common surgeries conducted in a dental office. Typically the oral surgeon will work with a restorative or cosmetic dentist to ensure proper placement and planning. Bone can also be constructed or gum tissue modified to accommodate an implant so the results look natural. 

Gum Recession 

There are a few different treatments available for gum recession. Your dentist or periodontist will determine the best treatment for your situation. 

  • Pocket Depth Reduction -The periodontist folds the gum tissue back and cleans out the bacteria. He then secures the gum tissue back into place ensuring it extends over the root. This reduces the size and/or eliminates pockets. 
  • Regeneration - With regeneration the same procedure for pocket depth reduction is followed except a graft tissue is inserted to prior to the gum being put back into place. The graft tissue initiates bone and tissue growth in that area. 
  • Connective Tissue Graft - A flap of skin is removed from the top of the mouth and tissue is removed. The tissue is attached to the gum tissue around the exposed root. 


Oral surgeons are highly trained and experienced in general surgery, anesthesia, medicine, plastic surgery and pathology. They are highly skilled and perform a variety of oral surgeries in dentistry.
Call us today with any questions regarding dental surgery. 

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