My Westborough dentist recommended orthodontic treatment. What is that?

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My Westborough dentist recommended orthodontic treatment. What is that?

Orthodontic treatment is a branch within dentistry with a focus on correcting the position of teeth. Although many believe that orthodontics has just one focus, a lot of dental problems can be solved with orthodontic procedures.

An orthodontist can work to:

  • Straighten crooked teeth
  • Treat an irregular bite
  • Help the long-term health of teeth and gums
  • Align the tips of teeth and close large gaps
  • Prevent disproportionate wear on teeth

How does an orthodontist accomplish these tasks?

Many orthodontists use dental braces to accomplish many of the above goals. Braces consist of bands, brackets, and wires. The bands firmly hold the appliance in place, while the brackets connect the bands to the front facing side of the teeth. The wires are fed through the brackets and, when tightened, move teeth into the proper position to close gaps and align the teeth. Braces are not the only tools used to accomplish orthodontic tasks. Headgear, lip bumpers, palatal expanders, and aligners are used by orthodontists to perform certain movements and to help the overall health and beauty of your smile!

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is orthodontics effective on grownups?

Yes! Orthodontics has amazing results on the smiles of adults. In fact, one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 18. Although an orthodontic procedure may take a bit longer for adults since their teeth bones have stopped growing. Orthodontics is very effective for those who want to straighten their teeth or close wide gaps. Patients old and young have left All Dental of Westborough smiling!

I’m self-conscious. Can I straighten my teeth without the traditional braces?

Of course. With the new Invisalign clear aligners, you can straighten your teeth without the metallic look of braces. Our professional dentists at All Dental Westborough will create a digital three-dimensional image of your teeth and will use it to create clear plastic aligners. These aligners will be worn every day, but unlike braces, can be removed for brushing and eating. A new set of aligners will be provided every two weeks to make sure that progress is as efficient as possible.

Why are orthodontic treatments expensive?

Multiple factors increase the cost of braces. Because teeth move slowly, it takes two years or more to align teeth into a position that fits your needs. To ensure you are successful every step of the way, our orthodontists set up appointments every 4-6 weeks and work behind the scenes to plan out your treatment. Also, the wires and brackets are made of the best and most expensive materials, because at All Dental of Westborough, we have the highest bar set for your results. Lastly, pre-treatment procedures, such as deep cleaning and possibly tooth extractions, can add to the overall price.

If you have more questions about orthodontics, call us today!

What else does All Dental of Westborough Offer?

Our dental office in Westborough offers a wide range of services to keep your smile bright and shining! We offer award-winning preventive dental services, which keep your teeth clean and you confident. We also provide dentures, partial dentures and have endodontic specialists ready to help! If you have kids, we offer amazing dental services for children, both regular and emergency. Lastly, we fix painful conditions without strong oral surgery techniques to help you live your life to the fullest. You will never have to search “dentist near me” because All Dental of Westborough will always be by your side.

To make an appointment, email us or visit our Westborough location!

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