Let Dental Braces Straighten Things Out

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Let Dental Braces Straighten Things Out

Don’t let crooked, crowded or protruding teeth rule your mouth or your life. Straight teeth are an important part of maintaining your dental health. The amazing way they look is the added benefit.

Why Braces?

Most people aren’t born with perfectly straight teeth. Dental Braces can move teeth into the correct position, eliminating irregular spacing. When teeth become crowded, the task of cleaning them properly becomes very difficult. Regular brushing and flossing will no longer be enough to keep your mouth clean. When teeth aren’t cleaned properly there is a risk of tooth decay, tooth loss or gum disease. An oral specialist can explain the right options for your situation. 

Take a Bite

If you can chew and speak properly you owe that to your bite. A poor bite can cause uneven wear to the enamel of your teeth. Protruding teeth or teeth that don’t fit together comfortably when the mouth is closed is called malocclusion. Jaw problems can occur if a bad bite or malocclusion is not addressed. A dental specialist can assess these situations and advise the correct treatments for each situation. 

When is it Time? 

Between the ages of six and twelve is when permanent teeth begin to come in. Dentists in Westborough are able to view changes and can plan accordingly for braces at this time. But children aren’t the only ones who benefit from braces. Orthodontic treatment to correct alignment is the same process no matter what the age. But depending on the circumstances the treatment may take longer for adults. 

Types of Braces

  • Metal - The image you get in your mind when you think of braces may be the metal, stainless steel type that has been used for many years. Metal braces are typically the most affordable option.
  • Ceramic – You may face a longer treatment time with ceramic braces but they are less visible than metal braces. 
  • Gold – Made of gold-plated steel, these braces are gold to provide esthetic appeal. 
  • Lingual – These braces are placed on the inside of the teeth, giving a truly invisible appearance. Complaints of this type of braces are that they are uncomfortable, sores can appear on the tongue and speaking can be difficult. 
  • Invisalign® braces - are a popular option. They are nearly invisible and removable. Every two weeks newly computer designed braces are issued. 

Braces are the ultimate treatment option for many dental issues. Call a dentist today for a complete evaluation to see if you are a candidate for braces. 

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