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Understanding the Cost and Procedure of Dental Crowns in Massachusetts

by All Dental of Westborough on December 27, 2017

If you recently received notice that you will need a crown you probably have many questions. Having an understanding of the cost and procedure will put your mind at ease and will help you prepare for the procedure. At Al ... Read More

What are the benefits of dental implants?

by All Dental of Westborough on December 27, 2017

Patients in Westborough, MA ask, “What are the benefits of dental implants?” If you are exploring the options of getting dental implants there are many benefits. Implants are the closest thing to natural tee ... Read More

What’s New in Periodontics?

by All Dental of Westborough on August 21, 2017

Dentistry is changing at a fast pace. Technology and research is proving that optimal dental health is necessary for optimal overall health. In periodontics, the branch of dentistry that deals with the structures that su ... Read More

periodontal disease,

Close the Gap on Knowledge about Dental Bridges

by All Dental of Westborough on May 31, 2017

If you have one or more missing teeth is can greatly affect the appearance and functionality of your mouth. It can cause shifting of the teeth, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), a change in bite, a risk for periodo ... Read More

Need an Emergency Dentist?

by All Dental of Westborough on July 14, 2014

Although dental emergencies are rare they still happen and at All Dental Westborough we want you to know that we are here for you! Don't suffer in silence, just give us a call and we will work you in as soon as possible ... Read More

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Let Dental Braces Straighten Things Out

by All Dental of Westborough on July 8, 2014

Don’t let crooked, crowded or protruding teeth rule your mouth or your life. Straight teeth are an important part of maintaining your dental health. The amazing way they look is the added benefit. Why Braces? Mos ... Read More

dental health, tooth decay, permanent teeth, dental specialist

Having a Tooth Pulled

by All Dental of Westborough on June 13, 2014

When you’re a child and lose a tooth you can’t wait for the tooth fairy to come. When you’re an adult and have to have a tooth pulled you wish it were as exciting. And you also wish the tooth fairy woul ... Read More

tooth removal, wisdom teeth, gum disease, dental health, local dentist, local dental clinic, local dental office, your dentist

Surgery in Your Local Dental Clinic

by All Dental of Westborough on June 2, 2014

Some people are surprised to find out that dentists often conduct different types of oral surgeries at the local dental office. These surgeries serve a variety of purposes regarding dental health and are an affordable op ... Read More

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Filling the Gap with Composite Fillings

by All Dental of Westborough on May 29, 2014

Sometimes it’s necessary to have dental work completed so you can keep your teeth in the best condition possible. Although there are different types of filling materials available, composite fillings continue to be ... Read More

dental work, composite filling, local dental clinic, cosmetic dentistry, saliva

Orthodontist Vs Dentist - What Is The Difference?

by All Dental of Westborough on April 30, 2014

The terms orthodontist and dentist are often used interchangeably, though they are quite different from one another. Many people are not aware of the difference between the two and hence, tend to confuse one for the othe ... Read More

orthodontist, dentist, family dentist, westborough family dentist, general dentistry, regular checkups, oral hygiene, fillings, tooth extraction, veneers, westborough dentist, orthodontist in westborough

All You Wanted to Know About Dental Fillings

by All Dental of Westborough on April 30, 2014

Treating a cavity basically consists of removing tooth decay and then placing a material into the area where the decay was. This is called a filling. There are four types of filling material that can be used;  Go ... Read More

tooth decay, filling, composite resin filling, dentist, porcelain fillings, amalgam fillings, westborough dental, professional dentist,

Clear Braces vs. Wire Braces

by All Dental of Westborough on February 26, 2014

More and more adults are turning to braces to help straighten their teeth later in life. The question that is commonly asked by adults is whether clear braces, or Invisalign, work as great as wire braces. Traditionally, ... Read More

invisalign, wire braces, straightening teeth, clear braces, tooth pain, westborough dental office

Dental Implants Boost Self-Esteem

by All Dental of Westborough on September 5, 2013

If you’ve ever felt too embarrassed to smile because of a missing tooth, then consider getting a fantastic boost in your self-esteem with dental implants. Our reputable dental practice in Westborough is well-known ... Read More

missing tooth, dental implant, dental practice, tooth implant, dental clinic, local dental office, family dentist,

Benefits of Dental Implants

by All Dental of Westborough on September 5, 2013

Our facility is the perfect place to discover if dental implants are ideal for you. If you have one or more missing teeth and want to do something about that issue, implants are a wonderful option. The benefits of dental ... Read More

dental implant, missing teeth, our dentist,

Dental Issues Caused By Osteoporosis Drugs

by All Dental of Westborough on September 5, 2013

At All Dental in Westborough we feel it's important to update our patients with the latest information available regarding potential dental issues. The following information was released from the National Osteoporosis Fo ... Read More

dental issue, dental work, regular dental visit, dental provider, dental health

Your Mouth Affects Your Heart

by All Dental of Westborough on September 5, 2013

Researchers have discovered a link between mouth bacteria and heart attacks. People with high levels of bacteria in their mouths are now considered more at risk for a heart attack. Because bacteria can enter the blood ... Read More

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The Solution - Implant-Supported Dentures

by All Dental of Westborough on June 14, 2013

Tired of loose or floating dentures? Do you consistently have to apply more adhesive gel to your lower gum line? Are your missing teeth problematic when you look in a mirror, smile at work, or simply try to eat? The sol ... Read More

missing teeth, floating dentures, full dentures, denture problems, dental implant

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