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If your smile is anything less than perfect than it’s time to pay a visit to All Dental Westborough. Offering outstanding dentists in the field of orthodontics, you can have that perfect smile you have always dreamed of. A dentist specializing in orthodontics can fine tune the form and functionality of your mouth. By moving teeth, lips and jaws into the precise alignment for you face, the dentist can create a work of art in the form of your smile.

There are many signs that can indicate if you are a candidate for braces: overbite, bucked teeth, teeth crowding, space issues, cross bite, deep bite, under bite, open bite or front teeth alignment issues. Once the problem is confirmed there are many dental treatmentoptions available including: traditional metal braces, Invisalign™ clear braces or other methods.

At All Dental Westborough your orthodontics dentist will explain in detail every option available for your situation.

Some parents falsely believe that children shouldn’t seek the services of an orthodontics dentist until they are teenagers. The fact is they should be seen before the age of seven if the following applies to them: if they have a difficult time with open mouth breathing, difficulty chewing, speech issues, if they grind their teeth, if they have jaws that click or pop, if they suck their thumb or have bite issues. Making an appointment with an orthodontics dentist at our dental clinic in Westborough can save time and money in regards to waiting until they are teens.

All Dental Westborough is your one-stop family-friendly dental practice.

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