Endodontists are specialists. In our offices, we perform endodontic procedures, both routine and complex. We are also experienced at finding the cause of oral and facial pain that is difficult to diagnose. We have advanced surgical and nonsurgical skills that make us uniquely qualified to treat routine as well as complex cases. Root canal, or endodontic treatment, is a procedure performed to remove damaged tissue from inside the root canals of a tooth.

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A dentist specializing in endodontic careis responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the pulp chamber, pulp and root canal where the tooth root resides. Our highly-trained, experienced endodontic dentist at All Dental Westborough has a steady hand and a friendly demeanor. Once the initial comprehensive dental exam has been completed he can take the action necessary to ensure your mouth is exceptional in every way.

A cracked or broken tooth or tooth with a cavity or crevasse can allow bacterial to enter into the pulp chamber of the tooth. Initially the body will attempt to fight off infection however it’s not uncommon for the tooth to become infected.

When this occurs pus can build creating a pus pocket and a painful, sore area in the mouth. Left untreated the infection can spread leading to the tooth falling out and possible jaw damage. If treatment is sought in an acceptable amount of time, an endodontic dentist at our dental office in Westborough can usually eliminate the infection, remove the dead or damaged pulp and clean and seal off the tooth so no further damage occurs.

Many people cringe at the thought of having a root canal done as years ago they were painful experiences.

Thankfully today’s technology has brought us less painful options. Root canals today are not nearly as painful as they were in the past. Here at All Dental Westborough we also offer DentalRelaxation™, it’s a product that lessens or removes dental anxiety and fear. Our endodontic dentist will do everything in his power to ensure you are comfortable and completely satisfied during any procedure in our dental clinic in Westborough.