What to expect if I skip going to the dentist for five years?

Oral Health and Oral Hygiene

What to expect if I skip going to the dentist for five years?

Nowadays, we as humans have evolved to take pristine care of our bodies. We have developed and employed a variety of routines, practices, and medicines aimed at maintaining our health and prolonging life. At All Dental of Westborough, we can take you through a personalized routine to keep your teeth healthy.

Keeping Our Teeth For Longer

Dental health and medicine has emerged as one of the most prioritized areas of self-care – and for good reason. Beginning with the baby boomer generation, a portion of the population larger than that of any other point in human history will keep their natural teeth over their lives. This is due mostly to advances like water fluoridation and fluoride toothpastes. However, many minor and profound oral ailments are constantly lurking, waiting to attack your precious pearly whites. To protect your teeth and keep them in good health, make an appointment with us today.

Our teeth make up a major part of hygiene. Clean, healthy teeth have been shown to boost an individual’s confidence and charisma. While humans generally have better teeth now, the threats to oral health – including things like tooth loss, decay, oral cancer, gum disease, and complications from other chronic diseases – are still a lifelong possibility. Our dental clinic in Westborough, MA can help you maintain your oral health.

Take The Right Steps To Prevent Oral Health Problems

The CDC identifies a few factors that may cause premature tooth loss or deterioration as we reach adulthood. According to its findings, chief of these causative factors is a reduced ability to produce enough saliva to keep the mouth properly lubricated and disinfect the teeth. At All Dental of Westborough, we use your overall bodily health as an indicator for designing your very own dental care plan.

Furthermore, receding gums could expose some of the softer root surfaces to bacteria that could cause tooth decay. Factors like cognitive problems, poor vision, and physical limitations could also hamper our ability to take proper daily care of our teeth and subsequently lead to some of the aforementioned complications. If distance is a major consideration and you’re looking for “the dentist near me”? Our dental clinic in Westborough, MA is a skip away.

Statistically, 26% of adults in the United States already have tooth decay that requires urgent medical attention. In addition, 46% of US adults aged 30 and above show profound signs of gum disease. If you haven’t been to the dentist in the past five years, you’re placing yourself at risk for one (or more) of these ailments. Remember, not all tooth problems present superficially in the initial stages. As such, you might be suffering from one of these conditions without even knowing.

Call our clinic in Westborough, MA to make an appointment today!

Dentist Westborough, MA: Oral Health and Oral Hygiene
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