Sports drinks: Are they good for your teeth?

Oral Health and Oral Hygiene

Sports drinks: Are they good for your teeth?

Even though you may be trying to make a healthy choice when you elect to imbibe sports drinks rather than soda, you may still be doing harm to your teeth.

Our dental clinic in Westborough has learned that a recent scientific study of sports drinks and tooth enamel has revealed that teeth that have been immersed in a well-known sports drink for about an hour and a half had layers of tooth enamel partially dissolved. It is the citric acid in these drinks that does the damage, and even brushing immediately afterward is not effective because the softened enamel is vulnerable to abrasive tooth pastes.

Your concerned dentist in Westborough wants you to understand that you only get one set of permanent teeth in a lifetime and it is up to you to keep them healthy. Acidic foods and drinks can cause as much harm as sugary, carbonated soft drinks.

You need to make healthy diet choices, practice good oral hygiene, and visit your family dental center in Westborough regularly for professional care.

We invite you to call us today at our dental office in Westborough and make an appointment for a checkup.

Please call 1-888-672-9127 for an appointment with your reputable and experienced dentist in Westborough. Our dental services include the most cutting edge treatments such as mini-implants and teeth whitening, and we keep you calm and relaxed with methods such as laser anesthesia and stereo headphones for distraction.

Your healthy smile is our job, so come see us today!

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