How Often Should I Go To The Dentist?

Oral Health and Oral Hygiene

How Often Should I Go To The Dentist?

Visiting the dentists at All Dental of Westborough keeps your teeth healthy and your smile great. Regular visits to the dental clinic in Westborough can help catch and treat minor problems before they become major. Knowing when to go to the dentist and how often your visits should be ensures that you keep your beautiful smile for years to come. 

How Often Should Regular Visits Be Scheduled?
Regular dental visits are just that, regular. Normally visits should happen during regular intervals throughout the year. This ensures that not too much time lapses between visits, and keeps you on track with your visits. A normal healthy adult should visit the dentist twice per year, or every six months. These routine visits are aside from visits that are needed to correct issues that arise. Regular routine visits give the dentists here at the Westborough dental clinic an opportunity to x-ray, examine and clean your teeth. During this time problems may be detected and follow up visits may be necessary to remedy any problems found. Despite any follow up visits you may encounter, it is still important to stick to a regular schedule of one dental check up every six months. 

Is One Visit Every Six Months Sufficient For Everyone?
While one visit every six months is sufficient for most, this is not the case for everyone. Depending on certain health conditions, the dentists at All Dental of Westborough may wish to see you more often than once every six months, or twice a year. Those with diabetes have a higher risk of developing gum disease. A dry mouth, often associated with diabetes, increases the risk of developing infections and tooth decay. Those with diabetes should talk with their dentists about the frequency of their visits. The early signs of gum disease are often silent, and therefore go unnoticed. Frequent visits will help reduce the risk. If you’re diabetic you should see your dentist at Westborough dental clinic as often as recommended. 

What Other Health Problems Warrant More Frequent Trips?
Other individuals that would benefit from more frequent visits include smokers. Tar builds up between the teeth and gum line increasing the chances for gum disease and other oral infections. Those with current gum disease should visit the dental clinic in Westborough more frequently. Frequent visits will help keep your condition under control and lessen the chances of it becoming worse or more severe. People with a weakened immune system and those with a weakened response to bacterial infections should also see their dentist more frequently. 

Remember that routine visits with your dentist at the Westborough dental clinic are just as important as routine visits with your normal doctor. While at your routine checkup, talk with your dentist about any concerns that you have, or concerns that they might have. Discuss your current oral care habits, and listen to any recommendations from your dentist. Discuss changes in your teeth since your last visit, and listen to any concerns the dentist has. Dental visits are more than just routine examinations. They are a chance for your dentist to thoroughly examine areas of the mouth that may be hard to see, and thoroughly clean areas of the mouth you cannot clean.
By scheduling routine dental exams you and your dentist at the dental clinic in Westborough can work together to make sure your teeth stay as healthy and clean as possible. 


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