Dental Issues Caused By Osteoporosis Drugs

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Dental Issues Caused By Osteoporosis Drugs

At All Dental in Westborough we feel it's important to update our patients with the latest information available regarding potential dental issues. The following information was released from the National Osteoporosis Foundation and we felt it was important information that our patients should be aware of.

Dental Issues Caused By Osteoporosis Drugs

Anyone that takes drugs to treat osteoporosis such as: Fosamax® and Actonel® or any bisphosphonates may be at risk of developing a condition call Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ). After dental work has been completed on the lower jaw some patients experience the lower jaw bone becoming exposed.

This unique situation also has occurred after trauma to the face.

The gap does not heal as quickly as it should and the condition is noted to be painful and chronic in some situations, especially when infection occurs.

This condition is best treated with regular dental visits where a dentist may prescribe antibiotics or mouth rinses containing antibiotics to help improve the situation. It is always best to provide information to your dental provider regarding drugs that may affect your dental health such as bisphosphonates so a specialized treatment plan can be used for your care.

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