Treating Inflamed Gums during Pregnancy

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Treating Inflamed Gums during Pregnancy

Do your gums bleed, leaving the bristles of your toothbrush pink? Are your gums sore?

Sixty to seventy percent of women endure tender, inflamed, and even bleeding gums during pregnancy. This is due to altered hormone levels and increased blood flow through the body. It can result in a larger risk of gingivitis, periodontal disease, and worse. 

Do tender or bleeding gums mean there is reason for concern?

Gingivitis in its early stages is a mild but irritating gum disease. However, if left untreated, gingivitis can become periodontitis, which can lead to cavities and even loose or missing teeth. What’s worse is recent studies have shown that periodontitis in women who are expecting is a contributing factor to premature babies, low birth weights, and even preeclampsia.

But how do you deal with gum inflammation and the resulting problems?

There are many recommended steps to coping with gum inflammation and tenderness. You need to maintain a healthy mouth, especially with increased hormone production. When you are pregnant, it is not just your body you are protecting, but your baby’s. 

  •  - Maintain good oral hygiene, brushing after each meal if possible and flossing daily. Don’t brush too roughly, and make sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Also, brush your tongue to minimize the remaining bacteria in your mouth.
  •  - Use fluoride-infused mouthwash and toothpaste properly. 
  •  - Continue to see your dentist every six months for checkups and dental cleanings.
  •  - Avoid sweets with sugars and sticky substances that can eat away at tooth enamel.
  •  - Snack on small portions of nuts or cheese, both of which have antibacterial properties.
  •  - Ingest plenty of vitamin C. This strengthens bones, gums, and reduces their likelihood of bleeding.
  •  - Brush and rinse after morning sickness.
  •  - Chew sugarless gum. This will help keep your mouth clean after eating if you can’t brush. 

All of these are recommended as standard practice by dentists around the world for all patients. However, expectant mothers have increased risks of gingivitis and added responsibilities to care for the child. To ensure the best oral health of you and your child’s mouth, follow the above recommendations. If you live in the Westborough area and would like an individual consultation, contact All Dental today.

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