Get Faster Dental Diagnoses at All Dental of Westborough

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Get Faster Dental Diagnoses at All Dental of Westborough

Imagine being able to receive emergency dental care in Westborough that enables you to find the problem and solution within one sitting. At All Dental of Westborough, we have high-end dental equipment that we use to boost the comfort, speed and effectiveness. Our Westborough dental office is always updating its tools to ensure that we can provide the most adequate dental care possible. When you need an emergency dentist in Westborough, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

Diagnosis is Lightning Quick with Our New Digital Imaging Equipment

What allows our Westborough dental professionals to conduct quick diagnoses for patients is our new imaging machine Care Stream 9300c. Seeing inside of your mouth with naked eyes isn’t always enough and old-fashioned equipment are ill-equipped to see in areas that dentists in Westborough couldn’t before and with near-immediate results. What this means is that patients are able to receive a diagnosis right away and with no downtime. 

The Future of Digital Imaging is Now

Patients of our dental office in Westborough enjoy the idea of being able to get emergency dental assistance. Some emergencies simply cannot wait and in this case, they don’t have to. We have brand new top-of-the-line digital imaging equipment and software that allows our Westborough dentists to see everything from TMJ and cracked teeth to sinus infections. This means that we can spot and fix a cracked tooth that is causing you pain in a jiffy. Regular x-rays just can’t compete with digital imaging machines. 

The Benefits of the Care Stream 9300c

Other than making emergency dental care in Westborough speedier, there is more to the Care Stream 9300c digital imaging machine that we have in our office. This includes the following benefits:

  • Reduced exposure to radiation that is produced by traditional x-ray machines. 
  • All of your records are stored electronically, allowing for quicker and complete access. 
  • High-resolution images are produced of bony structures within the temporal bone and sinuses. 

At All Dental of Westborough, we understand that your tooth pain can’t wait. We insist that you come to our Westborough dental office to have a digital image produced of your area of pain or discomfort. We will quickly pinpoint the problem and go over the possible solutions available to you. Having your tooth pain eradicated is possible today thanks to advances in technology. 

To schedule an appointment for a consultation, give our office a call today!

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