Dental phobias are common but there are things you can do to help you relax while having a dental cleaning or procedure completed. First and foremost be honest with your dentist. Explaining your fears will help the dentist to provide the most comfortable experience possible for you. Dental procedures have changed dramatically over the years. If you had a bad experience in the past it doesn’t mean the procedure will be the same. For some people it helps to know specifically what is going on at all times. Ask the dentist to explain what he is doing as the procedure is conducted.

Consider Medications

All Dental Dentistry in Westborough, offers sedation dentistry. These medicines can make dental procedures simple, fast and pain free. Some people don’t even remember the procedure even though they were fully conscience.

Find Someone You Trust

Once you establish a dentist in Westborough you like, they can assist with helping you find solutions for your fears. Some dentists recommend listening to music while others believe in relaxation techniques. Scheduling your appointment in the morning is beneficial so that you aren’t dreading it all day. Visit the dentist on a regular basis. The more you go the easier it will get. Ask the dentist to work at a slow pace and establish a hand signal to alert the dentist when you need a break, have a question, are in pain or just want him to stop.

Prior to the First Appointment

Before you attend your first formal appointment stop by the clinic at the dentist office in Westborough and look around the waiting room. Ask to meet the staff and the dentist. This can give you a visual of the people you will see during your appointment. Knowing what to expect can sometimes ease anxiety.

At All Dental we cater to those with anxiety issues. Let us help you conquer your fears while getting the beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming of. 

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