If your dentist in Westborough says you need a crown you may think of the ornate headdress that monarchs wear as a symbol of authority. Unfortunately, this isn’t what your dentist is referring to. The crown your dentist is talking about is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth to restore its strength, size or shape and to improve its appearance.

Dental Crowns May Be Needed If;

  • A weak tooth is cracked.
  • A tooth is worn down or needs to be restored.
  • A tooth needs a dental bridge
  • A tooth needs to be covered if its misshaped or discolored
  • A tooth needs a dental implant covered.
  • A tooth needs a cosmetic transformation.

The first step to determining if you need a dental crown will be visiting your family dentistry clinic in Westborough for a cleaning or check-up. If a crown is necessary it typically requires two visits to complete.

The First Appointment

If your dentist advises that you need a dental crown he may request x-rays to ensure the tooth and surrounding bone do not have decay or infection. Before the crown making process begins your local dentist will numb the tooth and then file down along the surface and sides to make room for the crown. If a large area of tooth is missing the dentist may use filling material to make the tooth strong enough to support the crown. The dentist will use paste or putty to make an impression of the tooth which will be sent to a lab so the permanent crown can be created. The dentist will make a temporary crown to protest the tooth while the permanent version is being created.

The Second Appointment

During the second appointment for dental services in Westborough, the temporary crown will be removed and the fit and color of the permanent crown will be checked. If everything looks acceptable, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the tooth and then the crown will be permanently cemented in place. The permanent crown will encase the entire visible portion of the tooth above the gum line.

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