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Dental Relaxation

Before starting any treatments, your doctor will review your medical history and explain how Oral Conscious Sedation can work for you.

Dental Relaxation

On the day of your Oral Conscious Sedation Dentist appointment, you will take the medication - a pill - and have a companion take you to your dentist's office. Experienced clinical team members are with you during your entire visit to make certain that you are completely relaxed and comfortable and continue to monitor your comfort very closely throughout your treatment. Many patients feel no discomfort whatsoever during and after treatment.

Dental Relaxation works with top dentists certified in Oral Conscious Sedation. All of our oral conscious sedation dentists want you to feel good about going forward towards a healthy new smile!

Dental Relaxation

Oral conscious sedation and sedation dentistry can change your life!

Oral Conscious Sedation is a safe and simple way to significantly reduce or eliminate dental fear and anxiety. It is as easy as taking a pill!

Sedation Dentistry refers to the way a dentist can manage pain and anxiety during dental appointments. Sedation Dentistry helps eliminate the anxieties that people feel at the dental office and virtually eliminates the pain associated with dental procedures.

Conscious Sedation or Oral Conscious Sedation in dentistry is defined as a minimally reduced level of consciousness that retains the patient's ability to independently and continuously maintain an airway as well as awareness.

Unlike General Anesthesia where a patient is completely unconscious, asleep, and unable to respond, patients under Conscious Sedation are able to respond to conversations and breathe on their own. Also unlike General Anesthesia or I.V. sedation, Oral Conscious sedation does not require needles to administer and does not have the higher fees associated with I.V. Sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation protocols have been used safely for over 30 years but were recently enhanced to significantly improve the dental experience. There are no needles required to administer Oral Conscious Sedation and you will feel little or no discomfort once you are sedated.

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