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Family Dentistry

One of the most important things in a parent's life is keeping children healthy. At All Dental, we have your family's health in mind and would like to provide insights into oral-health problems that might be effecting your children. If you have questions about recommended treatments, routines, and preventive steps you can take to keep your child's teeth and gums healthy, the dentistry professionals at All Dental have provided the following articles. If you need something more and live in the Westborough area, contact our Westborough dental office to make an appointment.

When Should You Have a Dental Crown?

by All Dental of Westborough on May 18, 2017

If your dentist in Westborough says you need a crown you may think of the ornate headdress that monarchs wear as a symbol of authority. Unfortunately, this isn’t what your dentist is referring to. The crown your de ... Read More

Invisible Orthodontic Solutions for Adults

by All Dental of Westborough on June 13, 2016

The Best Solutions They’ll Never See! All Dental of Westborough wants the best for all our patients that come through our clinic. As a family dentist providing dental services in Westborough, we see in our office ... Read More

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Three Common Dental Myths Explained

by All Dental of Westborough on March 16, 2015

MYTH – A child should have their first dental appointment after they get their permanent teeth. Truth - Children should have their first dental appointment by the age of one.  All Dental Westborough likes to ... Read More

dental appointment, permanent teeth, saliva, see a dentist

What is Dental Sealant?

by All Dental of Westborough on May 29, 2014

Plastic coating that is placed on the chewing surface of teeth is called dental sealant. Typically the sealant is used for premolars and molars to ensure no decay can affect them. Sealants must be applied by a profession ... Read More

dental sealant, professional dentist, tooth decay, dental problem, permanent teeth

Get Faster Dental Diagnoses at All Dental of Westborough

by All Dental of Westborough on March 17, 2014

Imagine being able to receive emergency dental care in Westborough that enables you to find the problem and solution within one sitting. At All Dental of Westborough, we have high-end dental equipment that we use to boos ... Read More

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Common Misconceptions - Dentistry and Pregnancy

by All Dental of Westborough on September 23, 2013

Many expecting mothers either have been told that they cannot see a dentist during pregnancy or may have been turned away by dentists with outdated beliefs or fears of litigation if something were to happen to the baby. ... Read More

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Treating Inflamed Gums during Pregnancy

by All Dental of Westborough on September 6, 2013

Do your gums bleed, leaving the bristles of your toothbrush pink? Are your gums sore? Sixty to seventy percent of women endure tender, inflamed, and even bleeding gums during pregnancy. This is due to altered hormone le ... Read More

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